Psycorepaths was formed back to fall of 2004. In their first two years of existence they had self-produced/released 2 demos, 2 promos, 4 maxi-singles and 1 album. Which have many differences comparatively with their nowdays sound. They also participated in many hardcore and metal compilations through years.

After several shows the band went through many changes in the lineup and music styles, but with hardcore always being its main style. In late 2006/early 2007 the band decided to turn the sound into modern metallic/hardcore with social-political lyrics. In spring of 2009, the band begun to compose the promo-e.p. “Your Entropia Has Arrived” which was released back to fall of 2010 and produced at M.I. studios.

After a small break from recordings, band went back to studio to finish its first official full length “Your Entropia Has Finally Arrived” which include the re-recordings of the previous promo-ep and 5 new songs. The production of the full length being at M.I. studios. The album was released in December of 2013 by Angry Owl Records and Nervous B.D. Style Produxxxions and received great reviews from local and foreign press.

After one more change in the lineup, the band went back to studio to write 2 new songs (plus one bonus track) in November of 2014, to celebrate their decade. These songs released as a maxi-single, under the title “10 Winters After”. ”10 Winters After” was once again released from Angry Owl Rec. and Nervous B.D. Style Produxxxions in limited cd format, which was available in the first show for Hardcore Help Foundation in Greece.

All the efforts from the anniversary maxi-single, were given to Hardcore Help Foundation movement. Psycorepaths shared the stage with many great bands such as Rotting Christ, Strife (US), Vodka Juniors, Aherusia, Vendetta (BG), Redound, Panx Romana, Antidrasi, Deathbed(Finland), Septic Flesh, Tankard, Providence and many more. Also made 3 successfully Greek mini tours until now and are considered the architects of NorthxWest(Corfu) extreme music scene.